If you’ve been following the Liberal campaign against ‘fake news,’ you know it’s an effort to control what people see.

Of course, Conservatives don’t care. Conservatives are smart enough to spot reality. Conservatives have enough confidence in the American people that the truth will come out.

Liberals don’t. Liberals want to manipulate and control.

Last week we reported on Mika Brzezinski’s mention that Hillary’s people tried to shut her down.

Now, another Liberal anchor agrees: Democrats tried to manipulate the media. They tried to control what appeared on air. 

Watch (via The Young Turks):

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Liberal Cenk Uygur was at MSNBC and he shares some info from the inside.

From the video:

If you think the Democrats don’t do it, you are enormously naïve. And the Hillary Clinton team, they care so much about manipulating and controlling the media. Let me put it this way. When I was at MSNBC, I had issues with the Obama Administration. A lot of you know the story – I got told by the person who runs MSNBC who still runs it – Phil Griffin – that Washington was unhappy with my tone and the NBC was not outsiders, they were insiders and I needed to act more like it and I didn’t and hence I left MSNBC.”

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Uygur goes on to talk about how the Democrats impacted MSNBC. They threatened to hold advertising. They threatened to not let NBC ask questions at press conferences.

This is the real ‘fake news’ – Democrats manipulating and controlling the media. 

H/T RealClearPolitics

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