Liberal Writer Infiltrates Conservative Women Conference, Shocked To Find They’re Normal

Liberals really don’t understand conservatives very well. They have all kinds of preconceived notions which often vanish into thin air when they finally meet a real conservative.

That’s pretty much what happened when a liberal writer decided to make her way into a conference for conservative women.

PJ Media reports:

Glamour Writer Infiltrates Conservative Women’s Conference and Is SHOCKED by What She Sees

Can’t a girl figure out the best hairstyle for her face shape without stumbling into a political landmine? Even magazines like Glamour and Vogue, ostensibly fashion magazines, are full of a bewildering sprinkling of politics. Ten Summer Hairstyles to Wear to the Beach. Ten Ways Donald Trump Is Hitler. Swimsuits for Every Body Type. My Body My Choice. You get the idea. But it’s not just that, of course. It’s not just that politics have invaded magazines that ought to be mindless entertainment. It’s that liberal politics have invaded them. Only liberal politics.

And, if you’re in any doubt about how the writers of these magazines perceive people who don’t agree with them, look no further than a recent article on called “Conservative Millennial Women Are Here For Female Empowerment—Just Don’t Call Them Feminists” by Samantha Leach.

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Leach, a 24-year-old liberal who proclaims that she “cried watching Hillary Clinton lose the election,” infiltrated the Network of Enlightened Women’s (NeW) conference, for “college-aged conservative females” in Washington D.C. to, presumably (she never gives a reason in the article), deride and make fun of women whose viewpoint differs from hers…

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But, and her shock is palpable, upon arriving at the convention, she finds herself among “girls with nose rings, in large hipster glasses, with dreadlocks.” In fact, “Few to none were wearing pearls.” What is this sorcery! It’s as if she set out to meet the natives of some benighted country and wants us to know that, actually, they’re not so different from the rest of us!

Read the whole thing.

Obviously, more liberals need to venture into conservative territory once in a while. They might even make some new friends if they do!



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