Liberal Media Now Bashing Taylor Swift For NOT BEING A Radical Feminist

Taylor Swift is a tad bit left-wing, but now she’s being attacked for not being left-wing enough!

The country-pop superstar has been vocal in her support for feminism. But that’s not enough.

The Daily Beast just wrote a hit piece on Swift for not being vocal enough, especially during the Women’s March.

Look at this:

Taylor Swift’s Spineless Feminism

“With all of the pink posturing on display last weekend, conversation naturally turned towards Taylor Swift, our nation’s most opportunistic celebrity. Taylor has an unrivaled ability to read the room and seize a moment. The country star leveled-up by crossing over to pop music, widening her fan base and earning Swift the title of queen of the tweens. She’s turned Kennedy’s into boyfriends, break-ups into hit singles, and friendships into headlines. Swift’s airtight image control is at once calculating and enviable.

On the one hand, she’s a badass black widow, sucking all of the fame (and blood?) out of A-list white boys. To say that Taylor Swift is more famous than all of her exes combined—and that she wears the high-waisted, size two pants in every romantic relationship—is an understatement. On paper, the 27-year-old pop star has earned a spot in the pantheon of terrifying-but-totally-awesome females—Tracy Flick with a better wardrobe, or Regina George with a bigger clique. But strangely enough, Swift has no interest in leaning in to her true potential; instead, she’s resolutely tried to preserve her public image as the sweet, romantic girl next door.”

The Left will no longer let a singer be just a singer.

Now, you must be a left-wing social justice warrior or risk being attacked by the radical Left.


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