Liberals Don’t Want Old People To Vote And Here’s Why

old voters

Liberals always claim they want everyone to vote. They even say they oppose voter ID because it might prevent some people from being able to vote, but there’s one group they’re now openly discriminating against when it comes to voting: Old people.

National Review explains why:

The Left Wants to Ban Old People from Voting

Since the U.K. voted to leave the EU, there has been a torrent of angry progressives demanding old people not be allowed to vote. As it turned out, a majority of Britons over 50 voted to leave the EU, while a majority of Britons under 50 voted to stay.

Forbes ran a piece re Brexit with the headline, “Angry Old People Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Vote”: “Better to leave it to the young, who have their hopeful eye on the future, rather than their fearful elders, looking back to a mythic past,” concludes Forbes writer David Schrieberg.

GQ was equally direct: “We Should Ban Old People from Voting.”

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VICE News was even direct-er: “Referendum Update: Old People Seem Intent on Fucking Us Over Forever.”

The Independent — one of the U.K.’s larger newspapers — announced the Brexit referendum result under the headline: “How Old People Have Screwed the Younger Generation — In Three Charts.” The first two charts showed the relative Brexit votes of different age groups. The third showed “How long they [the voters] have to live with the decision on average.”

Liberals are in a hurry to usher in an era of globalism and socialism.

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Old people, who know better, are an obstacle to that goal so now many leftists are openly suggesting they shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Yet liberals claim they believe in freedom and democracy.

Yeah, right.



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