Liberals Hate Death Wish Movie Remake: ‘For The NRA Crowd’

The classic 1974 film Death Wish has been remade with Bruce Willis in the starring role. Early reviews are in and liberal critics are seething. They claim it’s a commercial for the NRA. Now we want to see it!

News Busters reports:

Liberal Critics Loathe Death Wish Remake: ‘Ultra-Right-Wing’ ‘Maleness’ for ‘NRA Crowd’

Liberal film critics hate the new remake of Death Wish. They REALLY hate it. So much so that it sounds like NPR, New York Times and Los Angeles Times reviewers are sharing talking points. Or maybe it’s just a lefty mind meld.

The Bruce Willis-starring film (opening on Friday) follows the template of the 1974 Charles Bronson action hit: Willis uses a gun (and other tools) to hunt down the men who murdered his wife and put his daughter in a coma. Entertainment Weekly’s Chris Nashawaty was horrified at the movie’s red state appeal:

I suspect that Roth accomplished exactly what he set out to do with Death Wish. But the marketing of the film is another matter entirely. It has an unmistakable stink of rah-rah Make America Great Again-ness to it. It’s patriotic red meat thrown to the NRA crowd. I know some of you will say, “Relax, it’s just a movie.” Fair enough. But movies don’t exist in a vacuum. And Death Wish, as undeniably effective as it is on a primal gut level, should have probably stayed where it belonged. In the past.

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See the tweet below from Indiewire:

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So Hollywood suddenly doesn’t like guns in movies? When did that change?


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