Liberals Hope For Hurricane Destruction In Florida So They Can Blame It On Ron DeSantis

Democrats and the media are rooting for destruction in Florida from Hurricane Ian, so that they can blame it on Governor Ron DeSantis.

Back in the early 2000s, they used Hurricane Katrina as a political weapon against George W. Bush and are now hoping to do the same thing.

Scoring political points is apparently more important to them than the lives of Americans in Florida.

Townhall reports:

Liberals Giddy Over Hurricane Ian Because It Might Hurt Ron DeSantis

It’s no secret that the mainstream media and liberal pundit class are not fans of Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. From the day he took office, through COVID, and amid Biden’s border crisis, the media has never resisted an opportunity — however frivolous — to attack the man known to conservatives as “America’s Governor.”

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The media seethed as thousands of weary blue state residents fled from New York and California to Florida’s ample freedom, lied through their teeth about Florida’s parental rights law, and screeched “Nazi tactics!” when DeSantis gave some illegal immigrants the chance to see how America’s elites live on Martha’s Vineyard. But now, even the media has found another low with their anti-DeSantis attacks: salivating over the chance for a hurricane to devastate Florida and make its governor look bad.

Politico ran a screed early Tuesday morning — “DeSantis faces the true test of any Florida governor” — noting that “DeSantis spent his first term becoming one of the most influential Republicans in the country” before barely hiding its excitement in saying “But DeSantis still hasn’t faced one of the toughest challenges a Florida leader can encounter: a hurricane.”

For the left, everything is about politics. It’s like a religion for them.

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The left is itching to take out DeSantis because they see him as a threat in 2024.

It’s really that simple.


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