Liberals In Media Now Attacking Dr. Birx For Not Trashing Trump (VIDEO)

The liberal media is so deeply invested in hating on Trump, that they will irrationally go after anyone they suspect of not hating him too.

A few weeks ago, the media tried to drive a wedge between Dr. Fauci and Trump. Now, they are attacking Dr. Birx.

Anyone who isn’t sufficiently anti-Trump is instantly fair game.

Do they think no one has noticed?

Look at this tweet from MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell:

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A similar thing is taking place at CNN.

News Busters reports:

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CNN Attacks Birx for Not Trashing Kemp, Trump for ‘Gaslighting,’ Immigration ‘Distraction’

Try as they might to memory hole their disdain on Thursday for the Trump administration’s reopening guidelines, CNN rallied around them on Tuesday after leaving the White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing in order to spend over 12 minutes engaging in their usual bomb-throwing, partisan gibberish, and masochism on what could await us in the pandemic.

With Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer at the helm, panelists attacked Dr. Deborah Birx for not lashing out at Governor Brian Kemp (R-GA) for reopening parts of his state’s economy, and President Trump for “gaslighting” reporters about supporters protesting these lockdown measures that have put millions at a breaking point. And Trump’s immigration executive order? That’s “a distraction.”

Blitzer broke away from the briefing to gloat to Dr. Sanjay Gupta he found it “very, very intriguing that” Birx seemed to have been “totally disagreeing with” Kemp.

Gupta fretted that Birx “was disagreeing as politely as we could” and defended the guidelines as an absolutely necessity.

Here’s a video:

The media has become an absolute embarrassment.

These people have no business calling themselves “news” professionals.

They’re liberal anti-Trump activists with press passes.


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