Liberals Launch Internet Attack On Minnesota Diner For Hosting FOX News

A diner in Duluth, Minnesota allowed FOX and Friends to broadcast from their place of business and got attacked online for doing so. Some people on the left are forcing others into an us vs. them situation over anything remotely political. It needs to stop.

The Twin Cities Pioneer Press reports:

Duluth restaurants face backlash for hosting Fox News

It only took 10 minutes before the Uncle Loui’s Cafe Facebook page was bombarded with comments.

The owners had just announced they would be hosting Fox & Friends on Thursday for their morning news segment.

“There were people that were congratulating us and then there were some people that were very angry,” said Matt Berthiaume, the general manager of the cafe. “There were some regulars that come in and now don’t want to eat here anymore, which is unfortunate.”

Berthiaume said hosting the morning news segment is an attempt to increase exposure for the restaurant. Instead, the simple business decision turned their Facebook page into a brouhaha of invective being hurled back and forth.

“We’ll see what happens. There were negative comments and people who had never been in here before were slandering the cleanliness of this restaurant,” Berthiaume said…

“My mom’s so apolitical — she just wants to feed people,” Berthiaume said. “She just wants people to come in. It’s great exposure for our restaurant, which I can’t blame her for. If it wasn’t us, it’d be somebody else.”

This is so unfair and no one in the Democratic leadership ever says anything about garbage like this.


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