Liberals Attack Chik-fil-A For Voter Registration – Ignore Planned Parenthood Doing Same Thing


The chicken sandwich restaurant chain Chik-fil-A is making an effort to register people to vote but liberals are outraged because Chik-fil-A is a conservative company. Funny how they haven’t complained about Planned Parenthood which is doing the same thing.

Hot Air reported:

Chick-fil-A to offer super-sized voter registration deals in Florida

Chick-fil-A is arguably better known for politics than poultry dishes these days and that trend is continuing in Florida this year. Local Democrats in Pinellas County are upset that the food chain will be the site of voter registration drives in coming days, citing the notably conservative positions taken by the chain’s owners. How this translates to some sort of violation of election law remains a mystery, but if the Democrats don’t have something to complain about they’re never really happy so we may as well get clucking.

What precisely is the complaint being registered here? This is a voter registration drive, not a polling place. Anyone showing up at the restaurant can fill out a form and register regardless of party preference. I suppose you can argue that the eatery attracts more conservatives so the percentage of Republicans filling out forms might be higher, but so what? Nobody is barred from participating.

Oh, wait. Now I see. The Democrats are saying that it would be equally unfair if they held a voter registration drive at Planned Parenthood.

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Planned Parenthood is doing the same thing.

NBC News reports:

Planned Parenthood Launches Voter Registration Campaign

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Planned Parenthood will begin a nonpartisan campaign to register voters at its clinics, on college campuses and online to help marginalized populations participate more in this election cycle, the women’s health provider announced to the Huffington Post Friday.

The voter registration campaign titled “My Vote, My Voice” will have volunteers in 45 states set up tables outside of Planned Parenthood clinics and other spots in communities to educate people about their state’s voter ID laws while helping them register to vote. Two weeks before the general election, volunteers will also remind people to vote.

Everything is different when liberals do it.


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