Liberals Slam CNN’s Van Jones For Saying Joe Biden Has Failed To Deliver On Promises (VIDEO)

CNN’s Van Jones offered some light criticism of Joe Biden this week and some liberals are losing their minds about it.

Even though Jones is a member of the left, they are ready to throw him under the bus.

It’s kinda sad.

The Blaze reports:

Liberals lash out at Van Jones for saying Biden has failed to deliver on his campaign promises: ‘The honeymoon’s over.’

CNN guest commentator Van Jones said President Joe Biden had failed to deliver on his campaign promises and cited the many problems plaguing his administration. Many on the left lashed out at him on social media for his comments.

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Jones issued his dire assessment of Biden’s performance Tuesday as a guest on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show.

“Right now the honeymoon’s over,” Jones said…

“The problem is that he put himself in a position where he made big, bold claims about the rest of the agenda. You think this great stuff that we did is good, it’s nothing! Wait until this summer when you’re gonna get all this other stuff!” he continued…

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Many viewers were outraged that Jones would criticize Biden on CNN.

“Van Jones cares about Van Jones’ paycheck,” read a tweet.

“Van Jones is the fakest person on this planet. I truly can’t stand him,” said artist Tony Posnanski.

“I’m done with CNN. Van Jones will say anything to get airtime. Biden is doing everything he can to save America,” said another detractor.

Here’s the video of Jones’ remarks:

Leftists are apparently angry because Van Jones said something truthful.

The criticism from Jones wasn’t even that harsh.

The left lives in a protective bubble.


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