Liberals Spent Years Mocking The Tea Party But Now THEY WANT TO FORM ONE (VIDEO)

During Obama’s presidency, liberals constantly mocked the Tea Party. When they weren’t making fun of it, they accused the Tea Party of being a a dangerous movement bordering on sedition.

Now liberals want to form a Tea Party of their own. Double standards much?

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Dems Couldn’t Stop Bashing the Tea Party a Few Years Ago. Here’s What They’re Saying Today

There has been a lot of chatter in recent months over Democrats having their “own Tea Party” in a bid to recapture the power in Washington they’ve lost over the past eight years.

Encouraged by President Obama to embrace the grassroots tactics of the Tea Party to save his agenda, angry liberals are storming town halls, marching in the streets and waving signs to show their dissatisfaction with President Trump and any Democrats who might enable him.

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The Tea Party movement, which arose in response to Obama’s policies and helped force the Republican Party to the right, was wildly successful, helping the GOP recapture the House in 2010. The Republicans have not lost the chamber since.

The video below jumps back and forth from what liberals said about the Tea Party back then and what they’re saying today. The shift is remarkable. And hilarious! Watch:

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What the left could never understand about the Tea Party and still doesn’t, is that it truly was a grass roots movement formed around a few basic core principles.

The left’s new “resistance” isn’t for anything. It is merely unhinged hatred of Trump and anger over losing an election. That won’t get them anywhere.


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