Lindsey Graham: Trump Isn’t “Unhinged” – He’s “Running Against” Republican Senators

In recent weeks, Trump has attacked the Senate for not passing health care repeal. He also attacked them for not funding the border wall. He even threatened a government shutdown, if Congress won’t fund the wall.

Some Liberal commentators have called Trump “unhinged” and “petty.”

But one Republican Senator sees it for what is is: politics.

The Hill reported: 

“Trump is making a political decision here to be presidential, listen to the generals, and to go back to his base and fire them up and put pressure on the Senate and the House to do things he wants,” Graham told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt in response to a question about CNN anchor Don Lemon calling the president “unhinged” and “petty.”

“He’s not the first president to use the bully pulpit to try to push the country in a particular direction or to keep his base on board.”

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Graham said Trump is making a conscious decision to let his base know “that when I said I want to build the wall, I meant to build the wall . . . He’s running against Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and others,” Graham said.

“The Congress is very unpopular, particularly with the Republican base, so there’s nothing unhinged about it. It’s a political strategy that I’m not so sure is smart, but it’s a very thought-out strategy. There’s nothing crazy about it.”

Lindsey Graham is one of the squishier Republicans in the Senate.

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He and John McCain have stopped several pieces of legislation Conservatives want.

But you can say this for Lindsey Graham: He knows what’s going on. He knows it’s Trump’s style of politics to attack people like him.

He’s also up for re-election soon.

Trump tweeted this about Lindsey Graham after Trump’s statement on Charlottesville:

Trump is right – The people of South Carolina will remember!


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