LISTEN: Rush Limbaugh Talks To Vice President Mike Pence About Trump’s Speech (AUDIO)

Rush Limbaugh was clearly impressed with Trump’s speech to congress. He had Vice President Mike Pence on his show so the two could discuss it.

Here’s a partial transcript via Rush’s site:

RUSH: And we are back, and we welcome back to the program the vice president of the United States, Mike Pence.


RUSH: What was it like sitting behind the president last night while this historic speech was taking place? That must have been just a special moment for the entire evening.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: It was a great speech. It was a great night for America. But as someone who had the privilege of serving in the House of Representatives as I did for 12 years, I just have to tell you, Rush: It was deeply humbling for me to be in that position and to be able to look out and see the way that President Trump and his message connected with people on the floor of the Congress, in the Gallery, and obviously all across the United States.

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RUSH: Well, it didn’t look to be connecting outwardly with the Democrats who spent most of the time seated, but they had to hear it. I think that they were… They had to be a little alarmed and frightened last night. I have been telling my audience today that I actually believe, Mr. Vice President, that many Democrats in that chamber last night actually heard President Trump for the first time, really. During the campaign, they didn’t watch the rallies; they watched the news reports of the rallies. They never took him seriously, never thought he had a chance, and I think they were shocked last night listening to this, ’cause I think much of what he said, many of them were hearing for the first time.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, I think that’s very insightful, and to see the response around the country — you know, some of the reviews and some of the early polling that’s come in — I think gives evidence that may be true for many Americans. For me, what I saw last night was the president that I have the privilege to work with every day: Broad shoulders, big heart, a clear vision, obviously willing to fight for what he believes in. But someone who really loves this country and he wants to bring the Congress and bring the country together to solve some of these intractable problems that have been, you know, left to linger and unaddressed for decades. And so maybe it was just the fact, Rush, that the president in primetime had an opportunity — not in a political setting, but in a joint address to the Congress — to speak without a filter straight to the American people. And I just couldn’t have been more proud to be a small part of his presidency and of an administration I truly do believe can make this country great again.

Listen to the audio:

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