Liz Cheney To Use January 6th Committee To Harass The Campaign Manager Of Her Primary Opponent

Liz Cheney is going to have the opportunity to interrogate the campaign manager of her primary opponent at the January 6th hearings.

The person in question worked for the Trump campaign at one point.

This doesn’t look like crooked politics at all, does it?

Breitbart News reports:

Liz Cheney Uses January 6 Committee for Political Retaliation, Subpoenas Primary Opponent’s Campaign Adviser

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) appears to have used the January 6 committee as a political weapon against her primary opponent.

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It is no secret that Liz Cheney’s political career as an establishment Republican took a nosedive into oblivion when she sided with the Democrats in their January 6 witch hunt. Since then, her primary opponent, Harriet Hageman, has been trouncing Cheney in the polls and now leads by a whopping 30 points.

After a dismal first hearing for the January 6 committee that pulled in just 19 million viewers across the United States, Liz Cheney has now subpoenaed former Donald Trump campaign manager William Stepien, who also just so happens to be Hageman’s campaign adviser.

According to the Hill, Stepien appeared before the committee last November and was a primary mover in former President Trump’s “Stop the Steal” campaign…

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This is a Democrat led witch hunt and Liz Cheney is using it to her advantage.

Liz Cheney deserves to lose her seat.


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