LOL! CNN Asks Democrat About DOJ Scandal – He Answers With A CONSPIRACY THEORY! (VIDEO)

Amazing! CNN actually asked a Democrat a good question!

As we reported earlier, the new Wikileaks drop shows communication between the Hillary campaign and the DOJ over Hillary’s email server. We asked:

Is this the smoking gun?

In an email leaked by Wikileaks, Hillary Spokesman Brian Fallon said “DOJ folks inform me there is a status hearing in this case . . . ”

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Today, CNN asked Rep. Steve Israel about the case. His response was pathetic. Maybe because he didn’t expect CNN to ask a Democrat a tough question (Note: We didn’t either).

Watch via @nubianawakening:

His answer?


That’s right: Russia.

A conspiracy theory. That’s the best the Democrats can do!

Despite the best efforts of the CNN host, Israel wouldn’t say anything else. He would even answer a hypothetical, if the emails were real (which they appear to be).

Pathetic – But that’s par for the course with the Democrats!

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