LOL! CNN Host Admits He Shares Fake News (VIDEO)

CNN’s Brian Stelter recently spoke at an event during which he admitted that he has shared fake news on social media. And he said it on camera!

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

CNN Host Admits He Has Shared Fake News Stories By ‘Accident’

Stelter was joined by Politico‘s Susan Glasser and the Washington Post‘s fact checker Glenn Kessler on the panel. They were having a discussion about the news industry and how access to news used to be scarce, but then transformed to reach people all around the world. Kessler and Glasser put more emphasis on the importance of consumers learning how to “identify poorly done journalism, fake news, other aspects of journalism.”

Stelter appeared to acknowledge that they were correct in their analysis, but said he did not want to let the media off the hook for its coverage.

“I would make the case that media companies, the CEOs should be spending some more money on media literacy [and] on these educational initiatives that we are describing,” Stelter said.

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Stelter talked about technology companies giving consumers the Internet, the World Wide Web, and Facebook, but said they never really taught the consumers how to use the tools.

“If we step way back, do any of us really feel like we know how to use these tools, these incredible technologies?” Stelter asked. “I don’t, and it’s my job.”

“I share fake stories by accident like everybody does,” Stelter added.

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Watch the video:

That’s pretty funny.

Takes a fake news man to know fake news, Brian.


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