LOL! CNN’s Cuomo: ‘I Didn’t Hear Better Ideas Coming From Democrats’ on Health Care Bill (VIDEO)

Recently CNN’s Chris Cuomo said that he didn’t hear Democrats coming up with any “better ideas” for addressing the nations healthcare problems that lawmakers in Washington D.C.  are trying to fix.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:  

Cuomo was discussing with a panel the House Ways and Means Committee debating that morning until about 4:30 a.m. the American Health Care Act, which House Republicans unveiled Monday night to replace Obamacare. The committee voted 23 to 16 to advance the bill.

“Alright, so this is ongoing right now,” Cuomo said. “You had the House Ways and Means, I think they finished about 4:00 in the morning. They got the votes there, so that was the first step that the White House needed to get the agenda going.”

He noted that the Energy Committee was still debating the issue before turning to Democratic opposition to the bill… “I did not hear better ideas coming out of the Democrats,” he said. “I did not hear them scrutinizing the plan with facts and figures. They were just delaying and they were saying, ‘This is just wrong.'”

Luckily for Chris Cuomo, he is an established part of CNN and he can get away with saying things like this. However if he was new to CNN then the intro to this article would most likely have read: Recently a former CNN news anchor…

(Image: YouTube Screenshot)

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