LOL! Fox News Host TROLLS OBAMA: ‘I’m Sure We Will Accept One Of His Editorials’ (VIDEO)


Obama has done a lot of whining about Fox News lately. 

As the New York Post reported: 

“Fox News has been a consistent target for Obama’s frustrations, blaming the network, as he did in September, for creating a “very polarized society” and ‘churning out a lot of misinformation on a regular basis.'”

Today, a Fox News host hit back, trolling Obama.

It happened in a discussion about Obama’s future. A Democrat strategist said Obama may start a media operation. Another panelist said Obama would make a great Liberal on Fox News.

The Fox News host then trolled Obama.

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From the video:

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Tim Carney: “What I always thought he’d be good at is being a Liberal columnist. He should go to work for the New Republic. Or, frankly, submit some op-eds to the Washington Examiner.”

Fox News Host: “Well, you know, he could just call in at the editorial part of and I’m sure that we will accept one of his editorials, wholeheartedly.”

Wow! Obama isn’t even out of office yet, and this is how Fox News is trolling him!

What will happen when Obama is no longer President?

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