LOL! Geraldo Rivera Takes Swipe At Rachel Maddow: She Had Her ‘Al Capone’s Vault’ Moment (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow’s big story on Trump’s taxes turned out to be a giant nothing burger. Geraldo Rivera knows a thing or two about that. In the 1980’s he did a huge report about Al Capone’s safe that turned out to be pretty much empty when he opened it live on the air.

Now he’s passing the mantle to Maddow.

From the FOX News Insider:

Geraldo: Rachel Maddow Now Has the ‘Al Capone’s Vault’ Mantle

Rachel Maddow’s “bombshell” about President Donald Trump’s tax returns turned out to be a bit of a dud.

On her MSNBC show, Maddow reported on two pages of Trump’s 2005 return, showing that he made $153 million in 2005 and paid $36.5 million in income taxes ($38 million in total taxes).

Maddow was slammed for overhyping the underwhelming report, which the Washington Post called a “total nothingburger.”

On “America’s News HQ” today, Geraldo Rivera said Maddow had her own “Al Capone’s vault” moment.

On April 21, 1986, millions of viewers tuned in to “The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults,” a live excavation hosted by Geraldo that promised to dig deep into the catacombs of the gangster’s hotel hideout in Chicago.

“We thought it had bodies in it, guns, gold, cash,” Geraldo said. “It turned it was an empty Gilbey’s gin bottle and a 1926 stop sign.”

“I wanted to bury myself in the hole when I found nothing,” he added.

Watch the video:

That is hilarious!

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