LOL . . . Guess Who MSNBC Trotted Out To Trash Trump This Weekend (VIDEO)

Wow. MSNBC must be running really low on available political contributors. This weekend they dusted off 1990’s talk show host Jerry Springer to bash Trump. His “analysis” was right out of the left’s conspiracy theory playbook, too.

The Hill reported:

Jerry Springer: Bannon attacks courts, media because they maintain multiculturalism

Former Cincinnati Mayor and talk show host Jerry Springer (D) on Sunday said members of the Trump administration target the courts and the media because those institutions help maintain a multicultural America.

“The only institutions left to make sure that we keep a multicultural society are the courts and the media,” Springer told MSNBC’s Joy Reid on “AM Joy.” “And that’s why they go after the courts and the media all the time.”

Springer, who currently hosts his own talk show titled “The Jerry Springer Show,” said White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon and President Trump are not “on the same page” on the reasons behind their attacks the courts and the press.

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“Bannon has a philosophical goal and that is, as I said before, to do away with the multicultural America. He wants America to basically be Christian and white. So keep out the Mexicans, keep out the Muslims, etc.,” Springer theorized.

You can watch the video below:

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This is what passes for political discourse on MSNBC now?

No wonder their ratings are so low.


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