LOL! Gun Stores Are Mocking Dick’s Sporting Goods In A Hilarious Way

Dick’s Sporting Goods is laying down for the left when it comes to gun control. As a result, gun stores have begun mocking them and it’s pretty funny how they’re doing it.

Townhall reports:

Multiple Gun Stores Mock Dick’s Sporting Good With Awesome New Signage

Now that Dick’s Sporting Good has alienated Second Amendment supporters, gun stores across the nation are using the sporting goods’ store’s mistakes to promote their businesses.

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Boyert Shooting Center in Katy, Texas made fun of Dick’s with their latest sign:

“It was meant to have people react to it and hopefully most understand that we are referring to the company and not an individual. We have had a lot of people come in and tell us they love the sign,” Program Director Travis Clark told The Houston Chronicle.

According to Clark, the response has been fairly positive.

That’s so perfect!

What was Dick’s Sporting Goods thinking when they went along with the liberal position on guns? Who do they think shops at their stores anyway? It’s not left wingers, for the most part.

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