LOL! Hillary Campaign Now Claiming She Lost White Women Because They HATE WOMEN (VIDEO)


Here’s the newest excuse from the Hillary campaign about why she lost white women voters. According to Hillary’s former communications director they have “internalized misogyny.” In other words, they hate women.

She made the comments on MSNBC. These people absolutely refuse to face reality.

The Daily Caller reported:

GET THIS: Now Hillary’s Campaign Is Saying She Lost Because WHITE WOMEN ARE ‘MISOGYNIST’ [VIDEO]

Jess McIntosh, the former communications director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Monday that the real reason the former secretary of state lost the election is because of white women’s “internalized misogyny.”

“She, among white women, didn’t do any different than essentially Obama in 2012. A point better,” Hayes first noted. “How do you make sense of that?”

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“Internalized misogyny is a real thing and it’s something we have to be talking about,” McIntosh answered. “The president said it the best during this whole campaign. We as a society react poorly to women seeking positions of power.”

Watch the video:

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The simple truth is that Trump was a better candidate. They just can’t bring themselves to say it.

Expect to hear more ridiculous excuses like this in the coming weeks.

The truth is just to painful for them to admit.


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