LOL! Jill Stein Hits Democrats Over Russia Hypocrisy, Liberals GO NUTS!

Liberals loved Green Party candidate Jill Stein back in December and January when she was leading the charge for recounts in key battleground states. A recent message she posted to Twitter has changed all that.

Twitchy has the story:

*Popcorn* Jill Stein REALLY kicked a DNC/Hillary hornets’ nest with this tweet

The campaign of Green Party 2016 presidential candidate Jill Stein is perhaps best remembered by many for its endless fundraising for failed recount efforts. Stein’s now getting plenty of attention for something else:

Here’s Jill Stein’s tweet:

Here are the reactions she got:

Jill Stein must be a secret agent or something! The left has lost its mind.

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