LOL: Liberal Journalists Acknowledge Nobody Trusts Them (VIDEO)

The media’s credibility is so damaged. Of course, they did it to themselves but it’s nice to hear them admitting it. In a recent roundtable discussion, some of the biggest names in news addressed their problem.

The Hollywood Reporter has the story:

Anchor Roundtable: Savannah Guthrie, Jake Tapper and More on Fake News, Fairness and When Trump Calls Your Phone

For TV news anchors, the Trump era has turned the workplace into a minefield of combative interviews, “alternative facts,” Twitter mobs and out-of-the-blue calls from the Oval Office. “At what point, when a White House [official] or a member of Congress refuses to accept reality, do you say, ‘You’re not allowed to come on [our show] anymore’?” asks George Stephanopoulos, 56, who as anchor of ABC’s Good Morning America and This Week has sparred on-air with Trump officials (and received calls from the president himself). “We put them on, we challenge them, but then you’re also facing the question of: Is this really serving [our viewers] by allowing falsehoods to propagate?”

What is the biggest crisis facing journalism in the 21st century?

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS The fact that so few people believe us. That they’re looking for narratives that reinforce their beliefs rather than challenge them.

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BAIER People want to turn to someplace they feel they can get the straight scoop. There’s so much online that is bombarding people every day.

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JAKE TAPPER There are news sources that are just out-and-out lies coming from Europe, coming from other parts of the world …

GAYLE KING … coming from people’s basements. [They] are putting things out that have no resemblance to reality.

Watch the video:

Now if they could just fix the problem!


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