This may be the funniest Election Day interview of all time. 

A Jill Stein-supporting woman went on MSNBC to discuss what she wanted from the election.

The MSNBC interviewer burst her bubble, so the woman burst his bubble. And he hit back.

Watch (via David Rutz):

From the video:

MSNBC reporter: “We have a young millennial voter – your name is?

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Jill Stein Supporter: “Janelle Rivera.”

MSNBC Reporter: “And your family is originally from?”

Jill Stein Supporter: “Puerto Rico.”

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MSNBC Reporter: “Ok – so this is the group we’re talking about. What compelled you to come out here? Did a specific candidate reach you?Did they knock on your door? You just said I want to vote why did you decide that yes I’m coming down to what I should note is your first presidential election?”

Jill Stein Supporter: “Yes, my first presidential election. Well honestly I just want my voice to be heard and for all the young people who are going to school, so I place my vote for Jill Stein. And I hope she wins even though it’s gonna be a short race.”

MSNBC Reporter: “You know that she’s not going to win is what you’re saying.”

Jill Stein Supporter: “Well according to all of the you know the media, it’s either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. But everyone: there’s other people to vote for! There’s other people! So let your voice be heard. Research and go online and don’t listen to the media!” 

MSNBC Reporter: “Well other than the fact that we are the media and you’re on the air. But thank you very much for joining us.

Oh, my!

An instant classic from Liberal MSNBC!

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