LOL! MSNBC Uses Episode Of “The West Wing” To Question Trump’s Move (VIDEO)

Just when you thought the Liberal media couldn’t get any worse: They do! 

Today on MSNBC, the host questioned Trump’s possible move of the press corps to the Executive Office Building of the White House.

Apparently, that issue had come up years ago on Liberals’ favorite TV show: The West Wing.

So MSNBC used a TV episode to make their case. 


The Washington Free Beacon reported: 

“MSNBC played a clip from the fictional television show The West Wing to analyze the relationship between the White House and the press during a Monday afternoon broadcast.

MSNBC anchor Chris Jansing brought two guests on her show to discuss rumors that the Trump administration was considering moving the daily press briefing out of the White House. Members of the Trump transition team have admitted they are looking for ways to update the daily press briefings.

‘I want to show you how a fictional White House staffer dealt with that same issue. Of course, this is an episode of The West Wing,’ Jansing said . . . ‘Is that a valid point, fictional character or not?’ Jansing asked Bruce LeVell, the executive director of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump.”

Bruce LeVell was understandably shocked.

He must have been wondering if this was for real. Did MSNBC really just use an episode of The West Wing to make their case? 

Yes, they did.

One more example of how far the Liberal media has fallen!

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