LOL! Trump Schedules Rally On Same Day Mueller Will Testify Before Congress

The American people are tired of the Mueller affair, and so is Trump. Yet the Democrats can’t let it go and are dragging Mueller before Congress to offer testimony.

In response, Trump has scheduled a rally for the same day. It’s a brilliant political move.

Fortune reports:

Trump Scheduled a Rally for the Same Day as Mueller’s Testimony

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress is no longer the only big news item scheduled for July 17.

President Donald Trump has scheduled a rally on the same day in Greenville, N.C. The scheduling could be a coincidence, but Trump tweeted his annoyance about Mueller being called to testify as recently as Tuesday.

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“Robert Mueller is being asked to testify yet again,” he wrote. “He said he could only stick to the Report, & that is what he would and must do. After so much testimony & total transparency, this Witch Hunt must now end. No more Do Overs. No Collusion, No Obstruction. The Great Hoax is dead!”

Trump’s campaign lists a “Keep America Great” rally at the Williams Arena on the 17th, which Trump reelection campaign COO Michael Glassner told The Washington Post is intended to serve as an opportunity to underscore the “successes of the Trump presidency.”

“North Carolina has one of the hottest economies in the nation, and that is directly attributable to the pro-growth, deregulatory policies of this administration,” he said. Glassner also said that Trump plans to “talk directly to the military men and women who have made this country the greatest on earth.” Trump won North Carolina by about 3.5 points in the 2016 election.

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It’s so obvious that Democrats are forcing Mueller to appear because they’re hoping to get the ending of the story they really want.

CNBC has more on this:

Here’s how lawmakers plan to grill Mueller during his public testimony

Former special counsel Robert Mueller is now a private citizen, but he’s about to make his most public appearance yet — and lawmakers of both parties are planning to make the most of the occasion.

Mueller, one of the most discussed but least visible public figures of Donald Trump’s presidency, will testify in public hearings before two House committees on July 17.

Democrats hope Mueller will not only nail home the most damning findings from his 448-page Russia report — which most Americans likely haven’t read — but also offer some new dirt on Trump. Republicans, many of whom soured on Mueller over the course of his probe, will likely press the former FBI director to respond to accusations of political bias in the government and on his own investigative team.

“If all he does is reiterate” the top lines of the report, “then perhaps it’s worthwhile,” said Rep. Mike Quigley, D-Ill., in a recent MSNBC interview. “But there’s so much more to talk about.”

Who do Democrats think they’re fooling here?


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