LOL! Trump To Protester At #ThankYouTour: “NO, THE ELECTION . . . ” (VIDEO)

That’s hilarious . . .

Trump was in Grand Rapids, Michigan for his Thank You Tour last night.

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As Trump was speaking, several protesters started shouting.

Trump responded as only Trump does. 

Watch (via Tucker Carlson):

From the video:

Trump: “The election’s over . . . That was a Bernie fan. [laughter] No, the election ended three weeks ago, Darling. Someday soon, she will be on our side. You watch.”

Trump mocked the protester. And ended with a message of hope.

We haven’t seen a politician like this in a long, long time.

Here’s video of the full crowd as Trump entered:


And here’s one more reminder of how things are going to change with Trump:

Merry Christmas!

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