LOL! Watch All The Talking Heads Who Claimed Trump Would Lose And Hillary Would WIN IN A LANDSLIDE (VIDEO)


All the so called political experts in media were sure Hillary was going to win big. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Now that Trump has won, take a walk down memory lane by watching the videos below.

In this video, the first MSNBC commentator says:

“A lot of people have no idea that Trump is headed for a historic defeat, that’s why I think the larger the defeat, in a sense, the healthier it will be for the Republican Party, at least if it doesn’t bring Paul Ryan’s speakership down with him and there’s a healthy divided government. Because it might be a wake up call to those Republicans who have existed in this little thought bubble of their own that this isn’t a winning form of politics.”


In the next video, a CNN commentator says:

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“Tomorrow night I think when Hillary Clinton wins that Donald Trump will have lost this election from the very first day he announced and took off after Mexicans.”


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Could they have been more wrong? Is it possible?

Lots of print journalists got it wrong, too. Check out this article from the Observer:

Hillary Clinton Will Win by a Landslide Against Donald Trump

I try to minimize election predictions—especially long before the voting on election day—but I consider this prediction one of the easiest I have ever made.

Hillary Clinton will win by a landslide against Donald Trump. I expect her to win 46 states, and if I am wrong, it is equally likely she will win more than 46 states in November, rather than less.

FBI Director James Comey will announce that he is not recommending a criminal prosecution in the Clinton email case, which will give her a tremendous boost. To understand the full magnitude of Clinton’s coming victory consider the news over the last week, which is a sneak preview of the future.

Wrong again!

Thank you for playing. Game over.


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