LOL! Tucker Carlson SLAMS COLLEGE SNOWFLAKE For Wanting U.S. Flag Removed From Campus (VIDEO)


Hampshire College in Massachusetts has decided to remove all American flags from campus after some students burned one in a Trump protest just before Veterans Day. Tucker Carlson spoke to a student from the school this week.

The FOX News Insider has the details:

WATCH: Tucker Grills College Student on Removal of American Flags

Carlson discussed the incident with student Daniel Vogel, who supported the removal but did not participate in the burning.

“Think about the groups that use the flag, from police officers to the US Army, these are the forces on the ground that make oppression happen,” Vogel said.

“If the police and the Army would go away, sensitive college students like you would be eaten alive,” Carlson responded, “You find America unfair: What’s a fairer country [to be tried for] a felony.”

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“It’s not really about me, its about black people… who, if they were tried for a felony, are much more likely to be put in prison than me for those felonies,” Vogel responded, “US imperial forces are really the main force in the world right now using military force to oppress people.”

Carlson asked Vogel why “none of the workers who you claim to be representing ever say that [“the flag represents evil”]. You never see anybody at a trade school burning the American flag: You think at your average HVAC repair school they’re burning the flag?”

Watch the video:

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Can you imagine young American men talking like this during World War II?

Neither can we.


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