LOL! “Women’s March” Organizers Can’t Say What They’re Marching For (VIDEO)

Oh, my!

CNN had two organizers of the “Women’s March” on to talk about what they’re doing.

The CNN host gave them several opportunities to say what they were marching for. But they couldn’t.

All they could talk about was feminist ideas like women being “aligned,” “leaders in history at every single juncture” and “we are no longer to remain invisible.”

They couldn’t say what they’re actually doing.

Watch (via CNN’s New Day):

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From the video:

Alisyn Camerota: “Explain the mission of this march today.

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Pam Campos-Palma: “It’s quite simple. And it’s quite aligned. Women have been leaders in history at every single juncture. And we are no longer to remain invisible. And I think we’re going to see that today in our sheer numbers and in all of the issues that will be represented.”

Camerota: “But what does that mean? Is this connected to Mr. Trump’s Presidency and if so, how do you feel that Donald Trump has made you invisible?”

Campos-Palma: “Frankly, this is bigger than Donald Trump . . . and it’s more about what we are for than what we are against. Populist fascism has been spreading around the globe, and this just a breakthrough for us to do that here in the United States. And this Administration has really pushed us to show our voices – show our strength.”

The plain truth is: Organizers don’t want to say what they’re really doing. 

Events like this make a lot of money for their organizations.

Marches in Washington to get attention. Getting attention leads to donations.

It’s a fundraising effort!

It worked for Jill Stein with the recount, and the Women’s March organizers are hoping it will work for them.

In the end, it’s all about the money!

Here’s what Piers Morgan had to say about it:

He’s right!


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