WOW! CNN Racial Discrimination Lawsuit: Black Producer Fired After Criticizing Ashleigh Banfield

Liberal media outlets like CNN love to parrot the left’s constant accusations of racism against anyone and everyone on the right. So it’s pretty funny to see CNN being hit with racial discrimination lawsuits.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

Life with Gracie: Lawsuits accuse CNN of racial discrimination

“This month would have marked Omar Butcher’s seventh year at CNN, but instead of celebrating, he hopes he’ll soon be vindicated for speaking out against what he considers the network’s discriminatory practices. He recently shared his story for the first time since filing suit against the network last October.”

Here’s a key part of the racial discrimination suit:

“When he didn’t get an interview for another position, Butcher said he asked his manager, who questioned Butcher’s level of training. When Butcher requested training opportunities, he said he was denied. He was noticing an ugly trend. Not only was he not afforded an opportunity to interview for writing positions, those positions were being filled by his white colleagues.”

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How problematic for CNN.

And he thinks anchor Ashleigh Banfield played a role in his firing:

“Then in July, anchor Ashley Banfield asked in an on-air segment about violence in the African-American community: ‘Have we lost a generation?’ She questioned whether ‘there is an entire generation out there that cannot be changed, that cannot be reached, they just have to age and die.’

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Butcher was troubled by Banfield’s remarks and sent her a private email explaining his concern and noting that she did not make similar queries in a previous segment addressing young white males who murder.

He said Banfield responded, questioning whether Butcher was suggesting she was ‘a racist’ and that she would ‘take [it] up with our bosses.’

A day later, Butcher was terminated.”

Uh oh, Ashleigh!

Uh oh, CNN!

Big trouble at CNN!


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