Los Angeles Bar Owner Goes Viral In Video About Lockdown Hypocrisy That Will Make Your Blood Boil

In recent weeks, we have seen countless examples of COVID lockdown hypocrisy, almost exclusively from Democrat leaders urging more lockdown rules.

In Los Angeles, a bar owner recently posted a video on this topic to social media which has since gone viral.

Her bar was forced to close down even their outdoor seating, and right next door to her, a Hollywood movie is allowed to set up the exact same type of situation to feed cast and crew, because Hollywood is exempt from the COVID rules.

This is un-American.

PJ Media reports:

INFURIATING: Owner of Shut Down LA Outdoor Bar Gets ‘Slapped in the Face’ by California’s COVID Double Standards

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Some restaurants are more equal than others.

A Sherman Oaks, Calif., restaurant/bar owner, who’s on the financial ropes because of COVID shutdowns, had her bar closed again with Los Angeles County’s latest “stay-at-home” order forbidding all outdoor seating.

The order to close even outdoor dining forced Angela Marsden to close down her place, the Pineapple Hill Saloon and Grill. Last week, the LA County supervisors voted 3-2 to end all outdoor dining. Supervisor Sheila Kuehl provided the final vote to close down, declaring outdoor dining “dangerous.” To celebrate her vote, she headed to one of her favorite restaurants and had her last outdoor meal. So much for being dangerous.

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But what’s worse, ABC7 News reports that Marsden had just shelled out $80,000 to create the outdoor dining space which she was now forced to close. It was the one last way she’d be able to keep her ten-year-old business afloat. But when she came early to deliver her employees their last paychecks, she couldn’t help but notice the other outdoor dining space that had just popped up overnight. It was open…

This is what she says in the video:

I’m losing everything. Everything I own is being taken away from me. And they set up a movie company right next to my outdoor patio, which is right over here. And people wonder why I’m protesting and why I have had enough. They have not given us money and they have shut us down. We cannot survive. My staff cannot survive.

Watch below:

This is not sustainable. People are going to start rising up.


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