LOU DOBBS: Donald Trump is The Only One Who Can Drain The WASHINGTON SWAMP (VIDEO)


Lou Dobbs made a statement on the air this week that all Trump supporters would agree with if asked. What Dobbs said goes to the heart of Trump’s campaign and the reason so many people support him.

Our government is out of control and has become completely corrupt.

Dobbs said:

“Both the Clinton cartel and the Obama White House are exemplars, in my opinion, of the corruption of judgement that has overwhelmed nearly all of Washington and a sizable part of our public institutions. We have to end it. We have to reverse and find the courage to take on the very real demons that are controlling too much of our nation.”

“In my opinion, Donald Trump is the only one who can begin the long, difficult work of draining the Washington swamp.”

Watch the video:

It’s hard to argue with that!

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