Al Gore Said The Same Thing As Trump In 2000 With No Liberal Whining (VIDEO)

Al Gore Said The Same Thing As Trump In 2000 With No Liberal Whining (VIDEO)

From the moment the words left his lips, until the last vote is cast on election day, Americans will hear nothing but how appalling Donald Trump is for not falling into line to ‘accept election results.’ But because Republicans/conservatives have long memories, the old temper tantrums of Al Gore are resurfacing from the 2000 election when the term “pregnant chad” was born. And nobody, on the left, thought it was ‘appalling’ that Gore contested the election.

News.Grabien reminded us of the liberal whining.

Al Gore, speaking from the White House the week after having lost the general election, explains why he refused to concede the race:

“The effort that I have underway is simply to make sure that all of the votes are counted, and when the issues that are now being considered in the Florida Supreme Court are decided, that will be an important point. But I don’t want to speculate what the court will do.”
Even after facing a number of lower court losses, Gore said he remained optimistic.
“I don’t really feel” the odds are stacked against me, he said, despite admitting feeling like an “underdog.”

And this non-committal statement came from Gore, and Dems accepted it.

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AL GORE: I’m not gonna speculate on what the outcome will be, what the remedy might be, depending on that outcome. Those are hypotheticals on top of hypotheticals and I’m just not comfortable dealing with a hypothetical like that.

So, the lesson here is, what’s good for the Gore is not good for the Trump. That’s why you need a Trump in the White House.

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