Alabama Lawmakers Change Licensing Requirements To Avoid Same Sex Marriage Endorsement

The state of traditional marriage has been the hottest topic in courts and on the minds of people all over the country. In the red state of Alabama, lawmakers are trying to find a way to avoid the same sex marriage endorsement or at least the looks of it. They have a rather unique take on licensing to achieve that goal.

The New American has the story:

Faced with an illegitimate U.S. Supreme Court ruling purporting to create a “right” to a so-called homosexual “marriage,” lawmakers in Alabama are working to protect state officials and the government from complicity in what has been widely described as the desecration or even destruction of marriage. Under the bill, which is moving quickly through the legislature, Alabama would no longer issue marriage “licenses” to anyone, nor would it require a “ceremony.” Instead, couples would simply enter into a binding contract that would be recorded by officials — no signature or endorsement needed. Basically, in Alabama, the government would significantly reduce its involvement in marriage.

But among both marriage supporters and homosexual activists, the measure is controversial to say the least. For supporters of marriage — in the sense that God defined it in the Bible, a holy life-long union between a man and a woman — the proposal amounts to surrendering on what they see as a crucial issue in the culture war. On the other side, proponents of redefining the institution of marriage to include sodomy-based relationships incapable of producing children are angry, too. They say the bill is an effort to ensure that the state does not have to endorse what Christians and others view as the perversion of marriage that five lawyers on the Supreme Court unleashed in the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges ruling.  

Whether the bill passes or not, proponents of marriage say Americans must never surrender the fight to preserve and protect the institution of marriage. 

There’s no easy answer to the marriage debate. It is so multi faceted. However, there are a few conservative stalwarts who are continuing to fight to preserve it.

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