LOL! Alabama Mayor Starts “Go Fund Me” For CELEBS WHO PROMISED TO LEAVE

Alabama Mayor Starts A "GO FUND ME" To Help Cry-Baby Celebs Keep Promises To Leave

You’re gonna love this one, folks! An Alabama mayor is tired of the hypocrisy of Hollywood elites who promised to leave if Trump was elected. He has taken action to help them leave.

Mayor Tony Kennon has started a Go Fund Me account to raise $10 million. The best part? The name of the account: “Don’t Let The Screen Door Hit You”

Here’s his mission statement:

To help provide finanical assistance to all those celebrities, athetes and any other elitist who stated they would leave the country if Donald Trump won. Our goal is to be able to fund an infinite number of bus tickets to Tijuana, Mexico so they might escape the new Trump era and start a new life for themselves in a third world country so that they might gain a little perspective. Our goal is their happiness so what I would like to say to them is don’t let the screen door hit you.

He hopes this goes viral in efforts to quash further crying from libs.

News5-WKRG: “I want to raise ten million dollars to buy all the bus tickets we can find to send all the celebrities and athletes who don’t love this country to Tijuana, Mexico for a better life,” says Kennon.

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Completing this poll entitles you to ProTrumpNews updates free of charge. You may opt out at anytime with a single click. Here's the Privacy Policy. “Let us not forget those who promised to leave the country if Trump won,” Kennon said on his Facebook page. “For us loving and sensitive Trump supporters, it is imperative that we help those downtrodden, multi-millionaire Hillary supporters find a better quality of life in Mexico or any other third world country for that matter and in the process help them gain a little perspective of reality instead of their worthless hyperbole.”

While some people are appreciative of Kennon’s efforts – “please allow some help to go to the poor souls at Berkeley and elsewhere who never worked a day in their life and want to relocate,” one $10 donor said – others aren’t laughing.

Gulf Coast Today: “Let us not forget those who promised to leave the country if Trump won.”

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After all, Kennon continues, it’s the least he and other Trump backers can do for the losing Democrats.

Seems like a pretty good idea. And has anyone ever asked the “elites” why they always plan to go to Canada instead of Mexico? Tijuana is a great choice!

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