Alec Baldwin Thinking Of Doing One Man Show Impersonating Trump (AUDIO)

Alec Baldwin is about to get a huge blow to his enormous ego. He thinks the world wants to watch him impersonate the president, ad nauseam, in his own show. He’s not funny on SNL and he won’t be funny in his wanna-be one man act.

Breitbart reports:

Actor Alec Baldwin has confirmed he is considering taking his infamous impression of President Donald Trump to Broadway in a one-man show based on his popular Saturday Night Live routine.

“We may take the book and make it into a one-man show on Broadway,” Baldwin said in a Monday interview on The Howard Stern Show in order to promote his recent faux-chronicle of Donald Trump entitled You Can’t Spell America Without Me. 

Baldwin added that any show would be produced by Lorne Michaels, the creator of Saturday Night Live. 

“What Lorne did do is give me permission to write this book,” Baldwin said. “My rendering of (Trump) is his intellectual property. His people made it, his people wrote it; I just showed up.”

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Here it is, in audio, on the Howard Stern Show.

The SNL star previously claimed he would retire his Trump impression, but later did a U-turn and announced he would reprise his role for the current season.

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On Monday, he also said that he and his co-author Kurt Andersen were “sick” of Trump being used as a source of comedy.

“We’re all sick of the whole Trump as a source of comedy thing, and I am too, but Kurt goes to another level,” he said.

Sure, Alec. You’re sick of the Trump comedy act until it makes you money. You should be giving Trump credit for providing you with some employment.

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