Allen West Censored By St. Louis University Over The Words “Radical Islam”

Allen West Sensored By "Radical Islam" Sensitive St. Louis University

What? Yep, another liberal educational institution (this one a private university) once again quashes conservative speech. Allen West was just informed that St. Louis University doesn’t allow the words, “radical Islam.” He’s scheduled to speak there. Obviously, not freely.

Allen B West reported:

Earlier today, I did a radio interview with former Boston Red Sox baseball superstar pitcher Curt Schilling, and he informed me of something that’s happening at St. Louis University of which I wasn’t aware. I’m to speak on the campus of St. Louis University next week, September 29th, for the Young America’s Foundation (YAF), a student conservative organization. It appears there’s some administrator at St. Louis University who is attempting to limit the free speech of the YAF chapter on campus. I contacted my speakers bureau, Worldwide Speakers Group, who confirmed through YAF Headquarters in Virginia that a very disconcerting and disrespectful action was being taken.

As posted at the YAF website, This week an administrator at Saint Louis University (SLU) informed students organizing a YAF-sponosred lecture by Lt. Col. Allen West they were not allowed to use the words “radical Islam” on any advertisements for the event.

Don’t feel bad, Allen, for you are in good company. Bob McColluch, the St. Louis County prosecutor in charge of the Ferguson investigation, and David Horowitz are just some of those who just didn’t quite meet the liberal standards of this private university. McColluch is a democrat, btw. He just didn’t tow the liberal line of Black Lives Matter.

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