Angela Merkel Eats Crow As She Admits Opening Doors To Refugees Was A Bad Idea (VIDEO)

Angela Merkel Eats Crow As She Admits Open Doors To Refugees Was A Bad Idea (VIDEO)

Oh! Gee! You mean flooding a nation with unvetted muslim refugees, who raped women and committed endless crimes and drained public resources was a bad idea? … Um yeah!

With egg on her face, Merkel speaks to the the press admitting embracing refugees en mass was a mistake.

“Taking some blame for another drubbing at the ballot box, Germany’s Angela Merkel has faced the press after her conservative CDU party suffered its worst ever result in Berlin in local elections, in the latest sign of a backslash against her open door migrant policy. Declining to say whether she’ll stand for reelection as chancellor next year, she also refused to repeat her mantra on the refugee crisis, “‘We can do this,'” acknowledging some may have objected to the catch phrase.”

Proud Cons said this:

Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel has made herself famous for being a very outspoken supporter of bringing in as many Syrian refugees as possible, adopting a literal open borders policy…but she now regrets it big time and for good reason.

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There have been thousands of sexual assaults and other violent crimes reported over the last year, with more happening al the time

The German people had apparently had enough of this rampant crime in Germany, because they just dealt a crushing blow to Merkel’s conservative Democrat party and voted them out by a large margin. Merkel then took to the stage to backtrack as much as she could, citing that the migrant crisis could have been avoided, and that she regrets the mistake she made, also referring to multiculturalism as a “living lie.”

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