Liberal Fail: Woman Subject Of Latest Lie About Trump Publicly Denies Allegations Of Affair

You’ve got to give them credit for their tenacity. However, yet another attempt from leftists to take down Trump has failed miserably. How embarrassing to have the woman supposedly involved in the scandal flat out deny it.

Liberals never learn.

Daily Mail has the story:

Donald Trump‘s lawyer reportedly paid off an ex-porn star a month prior to the election who allegedly had a sexual encounter with the billionaire a decade before he was president, a report on Friday revealed.

The Wall Street Journal says that Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, arranged for Stephanie Clifford, whose stage name was Stormy Daniels, to be paid $130,000 in October of 2016 so that she would keep quiet.

According to the Journal, Trump, 71, and Clifford, 38, met at a celebrity golf tournament in July of 2006. The Lake Tahoe event is where the sexual encounter is said to have taken place.

Cohen, the White House and Clifford have all denied that a steamy affair ever took place.

Clifford said in a Jan. 10 statement, which she signed with her stage name, that neither the affair nor the payoff took place.

‘If I did indeed have a relationship with Donald Trump, trust me, you wouldn’t be reading about it in the news,’ Clifford said in the statement that Cohen provided to news outlets, ‘you would be reading about it in my book.’

You would think the left would catch on after several attempts to paint Trump as a sexist philanderer. They’ve got nothing else in their bag of tricks, and it shows. Pathetic.

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