Are Jared And Ivanka Headed Home To New York To Protect Them From Hostile Media?

Reports suggest Jared and Ivanka may be headed back to New York, for various reasons, and that the president is urging them to do so.

Things haven’t been all smooth sailing for Kuchner since the election and he’s now embroiled in the Russia investigation. Rumors have swirled that the president is less than pleased with his performance and since General Kelly took the helm as Chief of Staff, Kuchner has less access to the president.

The Daily Mail has more details:

President Trump reportedly wants daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner to move back to New York.

Vanity Fair reports that the president is concerned that the couple are being hit with too much negative press from the Russia investigation.

Three people who have spoken to the president say he’s asked Jared and Ivanka to go home.
‘He keeps pressuring them to go,’ one source close to Jared told the magazine.

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But the reason for sending the couple back to Big Apple could be two-fold because they no longer have much to do at the White House.

Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman spoke with a half dozen Trump advisers, current and former West Wing officials and Republicans close to the administration who revealed that Chief of Staff John Kelly has significantly reduced Jared’s role.

‘Kelly has clipped his wings,’ one high-level Republican close to the White House told the magazine.

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While the president may be wanting to protect them from all the bad press they are getting these days, it seems that a departure is inevitable.

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