Conservative Trump Supporting Sheriff Enters Arizona Congressional Race

Arizona seems to be ground zero in the fight for conservatism. With the two senate seats there of questionable future, there are folks scrambling to fill those voids with conservative representation. Now Sheriff Richard Mack is seeking a congressional seat there, too.

The New American reports:

Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, is nationally renowned for his participation in the landmark 1997 case Mack v. United States (also known as Printz v. United States), in which a group of county sheriffs, led by Mack, challenged the constitutionality of provisions in the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act that required county sheriffs to carry out at the behest of Congress background checks on gun purchasers. ….The decision was a landmark reaffirmation of the principle of “dual sovereignty,” the notion that, indeed, the states retain “residual and inviolable sovereignty” under the Constitution — sovereignty that precedes that of the federal government, as made clear by the 10th Amendment.

Nowadays, Richard Mack lives in Gilbert, Arizona, and teaches high school in the Phoenix area. He is also running for Congress as a principled constitutionalist and Americanist in a crowded Republican primary field. The New American visited with Mack recently to discuss his many accomplishments and his ongoing congressional campaign.

Mack is a supporter of the Trump agenda:

“I want to help President Trump to drain the swamp,” he told The New American. “What has happened so far is a start, but the president can’t do it by himself. I envision really draining the swamp. We need to get rid of the Department of Education. We need to get rid of the IRS. Those are the kinds of things that need to happen for things to really change, and I don’t see anybody in Washington right now who’s willing to do those kinds of things.”

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If you listen to the Sunday morning talking heads, it’s more apparent that the problem isn’t Trump as they profess. It’s the swamp creatures inhabiting congress. If you want to further the Trump agenda you’ve got to drain the swamp. Not just of Democrats, but also of RINO Republicans.

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