As Fundraising Fails, The DNC Goes Deeper Into Debt

Where are all those rich limousine liberals and their check books when the DNC needs them? It looks like even the most compassionate of lefties have let their liberal tithing slip through the cracks. The DNC is broke!

The Daily Caller reports:

The Democratic National Committee closed out November 2017 fundraising with a few million in debt.

On the other hand, the Republican National Committee closed November with no debt and a surplus, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Fundraising for the DNC saw its lowest point for November in ten years. The following is a yearly breakdown of DNC November fundraising:

2007: $4.4 million

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2008 (Presidential election year): $48.4 million

2009: $5.9 million

2010 (Midterm election year): $26.1 million

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2011: $6.7 million

2012 (Presidential election year, Democrat incumbent): $22.0 million

2013: $6.1 million

2014 (Midterm election year): $11.8 million

2015: $6.5 million

2016 (Presidential election year): $104.6 million

2017: $5.7 million

However, the RNC is as flush as ever.

Chicks on the Right adds this.

Meanwhile, the RNC is debt-free and running on a surplus even. How about that? They’ve got almost $40 million in reserves, while the DNC owes $2.6 million.

To give you a little perspective, in 2008, which of course is when Obamamania took hold of the country, the DNC raked in over FORTY EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS. The next year dropped a lot – all the way down to $5.9 million, but bounced right back for the 2010 midterms, when they took in just over $26 million.

In 2012, they took in $22 million. In 2016, with Hillary as their nominee and in their desperation to defeat Trump, they brought in almost $105 million. That is INSANITY.

But this year? A paltry $5.7 million. ZOINKS! And if you ask me, part of the reason for that is because Tom Perez is a lunatic.

And yet they still think they have their fingers on the pulse of the country. Hmm.

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