Here’s What You Need To Know About Bernie Sanders’ Awful Healthcare Plan

Well, you’ve got to give the guy an “A” for trying. He just doesn’t quit and it seems he becomes more socialist in his thoughts and deeds with every passing day.

Bernie is going to save the world with socialized medicine or die trying. Here’s what he’s submitting as a replacement for Obamacare.

The Hill has the five most important points. Not the least of which, is, … how will you pay for it?

The plan could cover everybody, but with disruption

The goal of the plan, as the name “Medicare for all” suggests, is to provide health insurance for everyone in the country. And it could achieve that goal, covering the roughly 28 million people who remain uninsured even under ObamaCare. 

But Bernie, won’t that be expensive?

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It’s unclear how it would be paid for, or how much it costs

Sanders’s proposal does not yet have a price tag, but it is sure to be large, and a key point of attack for Republicans.

The Urban Institute estimated that a previous plan from Sanders last year would cost $32 trillion over 10 years. 

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$32 trillion. Sure! From where?

It would provide very generous coverage

Despite the name “Medicare for all,” the coverage in the plan would be more generous than what is now provided under Medicare. While the current program has deductibles and other costs that consumers have to pay, the Sanders plan would provide health services at no upfront cost to the patient.

But from where will the money come, Bernie?

Vulnerable Democrats are steering clear

Politically, the Sanders plan has more support than it has ever had before, with 16 Democratic senators joining Sanders in sponsoring the plan.

But Democrats who face tough reelection races are largely staying away.

Yeah, even Claire McCaskill won’t touch this one. Show us the money, Bernie!

But the future socialists of 2020 love it. Still, where does the money come from? Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.

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