Bill Kristol Melts Down All Over Morning Joe’s Mika And Joe Over Trump And Election Results (VIDEO)

Bill Kristol Melts Down All Over Morning Joe's Mika And Joe Over Trump And Election Results (VIDEO)

At this point there may be no better reason to vote Trump than to clean house, eradicate the cozy network of Uni-Party media elites. Bill Kristol has to be at the top of the list of those elites scrambling to maintain his own self absorbed priorities rather than supporting true patriotic, American interests.

He can hardly contain himself in this interview with Mika and Joe, and it seems that the left and “right” media are clawing at each other, in hysteria, over the same viewpoint against Trump. They’re also eating each other, in agreement over their anger and angst against Trump.

Breitbart published the partial transcript of the tantrum.

KRISTOL: I think something happened that would make some people leave Donald Trump. I don’t like — yes, on style points, style was a little better in the first 30 minutes and he had a couple clever insults but that’s not the point. The headline out of this debate is obviously the failure to say ahead of time that you will accept the results of the democratic election in America. Pretty unprecedented. Doesn’t mean that there’s going to be violence in the streets, certainly not in others now say who cares what Donald Trump says. He’s going to be a failed fluke presidential candidate and he should be ignored on election night and Republicans need so say that.

BRZEZINSKI:  Failed fluke?

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KRISTOL: Yes. he won the nomination in a flukey way.

BRZEZINSKI: Your people nominated him. That’s not a fluke.

KRISTOL: I hope it was a fluke.

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BRZEZINSKI: He beat 16 people. The Republican party nominated him.

KRISTOL: Some Republicans refuse to support him and he’s going to lose the general election.

BRZEZINSKI: It’s not a fluke.

KRISTOL: I think it was a fluke in some ways.

BRZEZINSKI: A fluke is something no one expected.

KRISTOL: Ok fine the Republican party — does that make you feel better about it?


KRISTOL: You feel great because the Republican party nominated a guy who is really a bad guy as president and you think it’s funny and amusing.

BRZEZINSKI: No, I actually think Republicans need to come clean on themselves.

KRISTOL: What does come clean on themselves mean?

BRZEZINSKI:  Just be honest about what’s right and wrong.

KRISTOL: What’s wrong is Donald Trump. This show — this show was very tough — this show was really tough on Trump in late 2015 and early 2016.


KRISTOL: Are you going to pretend that.


KRISTOL:  If that’s your way —

BRZEZINSKI: He wouldn’t answer a question. Do you mean when he peppered him

What a conundrum! MSNBC hates Trump from the left. Kristol hates Trump from the (so called) right. What’s a media elite to do?

One thing may be certain. With all the media knickers violently twisting, perhaps they know the truth they are keeping from their audiences. Trump must be winning, or they wouldn’t be so worried.

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