Bill Kristol Is Worried That Hillary Might Lose The Election (VIDEO)

Bill Krystol Is Worried That Hillary Might Lose The Election

There’s nothing like a faux conservative pundit boosting the other side’s strategy to beat “your” candidate. Bill Kristol has never made any bones about not liking Trump. But promoting a strategy to beat him? That’s just unacceptable. It’s time to take away Kristol’s conservative card.

Rush Limbaugh outlined the atrocity.

Brit Hume says to Bill Kristol, “You have been warming some of your conservative colleagues that Trump’s chances look better than people thought. What tipped you off? What gave you your view?”

KRISTOL: She’s had a very rough couple of weeks. He made himself look more presidential and more acceptable. When you’re in a change environment, people will excuse a lot of flaws of the change candidates. When a change environment the candidate of change has a big advantage. The wind is naturally at his back, and Hillary Clinton is the status quo candidate. They’re really mystified by her campaign. If you ask people — and I’m really not saying this in a polemical way, just analytically — “What changes will Hillary Clinton bring about?” what is the answer?

RUSH: He’s worried. This is a conservative magazine publisher worried that Hillary’s blowing it, and he says he’s mystified by her campaign. Bill, it’s not hard to understand what’s going on. By the way, none of this means Trump’s gonna end up winning. Who knows? I’m not counting any chickens having hatched here yet. But I’m not in the crowd that is worried if Hillary is performing poorly. I applaud that. I get excited when I think that Hillary is in the process of blowing it and is fading.

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… KRISTOL: Hillary Clinton’s entire message is, “Donald Trump is horrible. He’s terrible.” I’m not pro-Trump, so I’m not unsympathetic to parts of that message. But you can’t simply, I don’t think, run for president by trying to disqualify your opponent. What she said is, in effect, “Donald Trump can’t become president. It’s just too horrible. Friends don’t let friends vote for Donald Trump.” She needs to have some positive message.

RUSH: I’m sure she’d take your call, because she needs all the help she can get from people that want her to do well and from people worried she’s not doing this right. So any of you out there who know how to beat Trump, I don’t have the number to Hillary’s campaign, but I’m sure somebody could get it for you.

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