Bill Nye Gets Roasted In Online “Ask Me Anything” Forum

Be careful what you ask for is the motto someone should have warned Bill Nye when he agreed to an online forum in which his fans could ask him any question.

What is it with these liberals, that they just never seem to think there is anything out there in the world that would oppose their views/opinions? Bill Nye will be thinking twice before he does this again.

Conservative Tribune reported:

Bill Nye, the actor who pretends to be a “science guy” though he knows nothing about actual science, received a less-than-welcome reception Wednesday when he conducted an “Ask Me Anything” session on the social media website Reddit.

The AMA session, which began sometime Wednesday afternoon, involved Reddit users submitting questions to him publicly that he could then either choose to answer or choose to ignore. Of course, he opted to ignore all the tough questions.

“Are you still standing by your netflix show?” read one question he avoided answering. “It was very divisive, at least here on Reddit. Personally, I felt my intelligence insulted, and I’m someone who agrees with almost all your views.”

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… the question received 1130 points, meaning over a thousand Reddit users gave it an up-vote to indicate they liked it.

Regarding Nye’s show, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” which was released on Netflix in April, the so-called “science guy” used it to hold a so-called “ice cream orgy” so as to promote homosexuality, misrepresent a bevy ofscientific truths and argue that more than two genders exist.

As Nye responds …

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“I am pretty you’re complaining about something,” he replied condescendingly when one user asked him whether he liked the direction of his widely panned show. “My show, any show, has to be an extension of the host, or it just doesn’t quite work. So far, I’m very happy with BN Saves The W.”

… he again gets blasted again, with down votes.

Conservative Tribune

Sometimes  liberals suffer from inflated images of themselves. Bill Nye is no exception.

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