Bill Clinton’s Testimony During The Lewinsky Scandal Was Infinitely More Offensive Than The Trump Audio (VIDEO)

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This just seals the deal. Everyone knows it, but how many people have actually seen Slick Willy squirm, in the hot seat, during the Lewinsky scandal? Here it is. If you have any friends who were “offended” by Trump, share this with them and let’s just see who’s offended.

WEISENBERG: If Monica Lewinsky says that while you were in the oval office area, that you touched her breasts, would she be lying? 

CLINTON: Let me say something about all this.

And Heisenberg’s questions got even more direct as the interview progressed.

WEISENBERG: If she say that you kissed her breast, would you she be lying? … If Monica Lewinski says that while you were in the Oval Office area that you touched her genitalia, would she be lying? … If Monica Lewinsky says that you used a cigar as a sexual aid with her in the Oval Office area, would she be lying?….

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And through out the interview, he does the equivalent of taking the 5th. And while you listen, it’s almost as if he’s being coached by the interviewer to do so.

CLINTON: I’m gonna revert to my formal statement on that.

Yeah, I be he had something to say about all this. And it is OFFENSIVE how he LIES through the entire iteration with no consequence.

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