WHAT WOULD MARTIN LUTHER KING SAY? Black Lives Matter Curriculum Coming To A School Near You

If you had children in this school, and they were forced to absorb this curriculum, would you speak up?

Dennis Michael Lynch reports:

Rochester City School District has scheduled Feb. 17 as “Black Lives Matter Day at School.”

In an attempt to broaden its student’s awareness, the district says next Friday is “a day of education, dialogue and action that will actively engage a significant number of educational communities throughout Monroe County in activities which support understanding and affirmation of black lives.”

According to a statement, the New York suburb’s school district teaches a 57% African American population.

Hoping to instruct its attendees that “people of color are not treated equally by our society,” the district believes “it is especially important to highlight the value of black lives in a society whose history involves centuries of slavery and denial of civil rights to black citizens, the impacts of which continue to this day.”

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The Daily Caller ads this.

Secondary level students must go through lessons titled, “Racial Disparity in the Criminal Justice System,” “Using Editorial Cartoons to Teach Racial Profiling,” and “What is the School to Prison Pipeline?”

Students also watch Jesse Williams’ BET speech, as well as formulate responses as to why “All Lives Matter” isn’t a good response.

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The children will also be recommended websites discussing Michael Brown, as well as encouraged to read things like “White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences Through Work in Women’s Studies.”

Finally, there’s a link to the “Black Lives Matter Syllabus,” which touches on the “moral ethics of black rage and riotous forms of protest,” “the hyberbolic media myth of “black on black” crime,” and violent vs. non violent protest.

We’ve come a long way from Black History Month and Martin Luther King Day.

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